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Help with choosing a Fault Category
Last Updated 5 years ago

  • No Dial Tone: When you cannot make calls but do have incoming calls and internal service.
  • Noisy: When the line is noisy. This includes all types of noise, e.g. Static sound, Clicking Mush, etc.
  • Bell not ringinging: When you cannot receive calls but are able to make outgoing calls.
  • Crossed Lines: During a call another call can be heard and all parties can hear each other.
  • A Facility is not working: This is for features like call divert etc.
  • No Tone: Nothing can be heard after dialing.
  • Cutting Off: When calls are cutting off mid-conversation or when the phone is answered.
  • One Way transmission: Where only one party on the call can hear the conversation.
  • Permanent Engaged Tone: Callers to the End User are receiving the engaged tone all the time.
  • Number Unobtainable: Callers to the End user hear a single continuous tone.
  • Faint Transmission: Faint Transmission. Please DO NOT use this if you are actually reporting one way transmission.
  • Wrong Numbers outgoing: Wrong Numbers are being called e.g. site A calls site B and gets site B and gets site X.
  • Bell Ringing Continuous: This is where the ringing doesn’t stop, it is continuous, can either be a fault with the equipment or fault on the line.
  • 1571 Not Working: Problems with call minder service.
  • Continuous Dial Tone: You hear dial tone, even after you have commenced dialling.
  • No Reply: This is where you, originating the call, are receiving ringing tone, but there is no answer.
  • Overhearing: You can hear another phone conversation during a call.
  • Ring Trip: This is where both parties will hear only one ring but the call isn’t connected.
  • Unable to trip ringing: The called Customer cannot trip the ringing, even though the called customer has lifted the handset on their telephone.

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